About Us

Who is the ASCED?  We are the Alliance for Spaceport and Coastal Economic Development, a new non-profit organization dedicated to bringing aerospace jobs to southeast Georgia.  ASCED is comprised of residents and business owners from Camden County and the surrounding areas who have donated time and resources because we understand commercial space exploration has afforded our region a unique economic opportunity.

With roots in the space industry going back to the Apollo program, Camden County is positioned to play a leading role in the space boom.  Our position on the east coast allows for launches that take advantage of earth's rotation to save fuel and our southern latitude offers easier access to equatorial orbits, the Park Avenue of orbital planes.  Georgia is also home to the #2 ranked aerospace engineering program in the United States at Georgia Tech.

Spaceport Camden also offers exciting economic benefits to citizens and local businesses, both small and large.  Hoteliers, restauranteurs and retail establishments will benefit from space tourism when launches begin.  High paying aerospace jobs will expand local tax bases allowing for more government services and lower tax rates.  And a region wide commitment to science technology and math will improve our schools and better prepare our children for the jobs of the future .

We encourage you to join us in our support of Spaceport Camden and the economic opportunity it promises.   For more information on getting involved, please feel free to contact us.